Office, Lab, Condo, & Government Building ADA Compliant Signs

We are a full-service project management, design, build and installation company. We have skilled project managers and can manage your job from initial design to final installation. Some of our services include:

  • Brand audit and analysis (checking for brand clarity, brand alignment and brand density)

  • Architectural building signage and prototyping

  • Full portfolio conversions or rebrands

  • Site survey and best practice recommendations

  • Office lobby signs

  • Office moves, re-stacks or de-commissions

  • Sign design and development programs

  • Environmental graphics wall murals

  • Vinyl wall graphics

  • Sign specifications and requirement packages

  • Braille and ADA compliant signs

  • All interior or exterior building signage projects

  • All sign fabrication and manufacturing

  • Permit approval and acquisition

  • Sign installation and maintenance

  • Packaging, crating, and shipping

Office, Lab, Condo, & Apartment ADA Compliant Signs

In addition, we can produce and ship basic office signage in less than 48 hours for many of the basic signs needed for occupancy approval or to meet ADA code with an ADA approved 6” x 8” stair sign, 6”x 6” utility sign. 6” x 8” restroom sign, 6” x 4” office sign, 6” x 4” conference room sign or 1” x 1” safety distraction marker. See sample below or click here to download our Wholesale Sign Catalog to see our inventory of ADA approved signs ready for delivery and installation.

ADA – R1 Room Sign

Required - 6” x 6”
ADA room sign complete with Braille dots meeting state and federal requirements and needed for a certificate of occupancy. Utility Room Sign.
Utility Room Sign

ADA – R2 Restroom or Gender Neutral

Required - 6” x 8”

ADA bathroom sign complete with Braille dots meeting state and federal requirements and needed for a certificate of occupancy.

ADA – E1, 2 and 3 Exit Sign, Exit Stairwell and Emergency Exit Sign

Required - 6” x 6”

ADA stair sign complete with Braille dots meeting state and federal requirements and needed for a certificate of occupancy.

ADA – R3 Room ID or Office Number Sign

Required - 6” x 4”

ADA room id sign complete with Braille dots meeting state and federal requirements and needed for a certificate of occupancy. Interchangeable room id sign with nameplate window or c-channel notch for easy updating.

Room or Office Directional

12” x 8”

Directional corridor or hallway sign for wayfinding in office space or condo and apartment applications.

Trash and Recycle Markers and various Directory, Directional and Room Range Signs

2” x 2”

Used in all common areas, kitchen and conference rooms.

All these signs come in standard sizes and formats needed to meet ADA rules and regulations for occupancy approval. In addition, the Cadwell team offers a code compliance checklist for your current and future signs and provide installation guidance on the exact location of every ADA sign needed to meet code and to secure a certificate of occupancy. In addition, we can produce and ship your signs in a few weeks.

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Custom office and building signage packages

We are a full-service, custom build, design, and fabrication signage company, but in many cases our basic sign packages or standard products will handle the job. If you want to move fast and need help with a basic building sign program, we can help you make sure you are ADA compliant, ready for move-in or just improving your interior wayfinding and office directories.

See our basic packages for: COVID and DELTA messaging sign package, SAFETY sign package, WELLNESS sign package, RENOVATIONS sign package, RESTROOM sign package, WELCOME / LOBBY sign package or the CAUTIONARY sign package. Contact us for pricing and delivery times and a free estimate based on quantities.


Simple and necessary signs and in most cases required by law. Marks location for fire extinguisher, exit route and AED (emergency defibrillator).

Pricing Starting at $365


Keep your tenants, employees, and visitors safe and informed as you take on renovations or repair work.

Renovations Package
Pricing Starting at $350


Encourage employees to help save our planet and align with new FITWEL standards and at the same time encourage healthy behavior. Simple messages like “take the stairs, save electricity and burn calories”, please recycle, and no smoking/no vaping to show employees you care about them and the environment.

Pricing Starting at $190


Upgrade the basic signs, make them look classy and with your logo. Every large lobby needs a few cautionary A-frame signs for any situation that may arise; Slippery When Wet (for Winter snow or Summer rain), Falling Ice & Snow to ensure your customers safety while on your premises.  Make sure to have these signs and avoid paying a fine.

Pricing Starting at $650


This will become a law. Get a step ahead and show you are progressive with gender neutral wall or flag signs, both gender signs, wash hands 20 seconds, and flush toilet paper only.

Pricing Starting at $150


Perfect for the lobby front desk or on every floor. Small desktop signs stating Welcome to XYZ Company with a logo and tagline, please sign-in and the WIFI password.

Pricing Starting at $100

Cadwell Design + Sign Wholesale Catalog

Our business and commercial sign catalog was developed to give you a broad overview and understanding of the ADA sign regulations. We have also included design tools, drawings, and color options to help you create a complete sign system that is not only functional but 100% compliant with ADA regulations. Click Here to download our wholesale business sign catalog.