An elegant looking wet floor sign made from exterior grade Komacel is an excellent upgrade from those cheap, yellow hardware store plastic caution signs or traditional wooden wet floor signs that require constant maintenance and frequent replacement. Known for its durability, Komacel will not rust, rot, splinter or warp which means less replacing and more saving. Vinyl graphics with your logo on each side of the A-frame design provide a highly customized look that will stand out and not easily fade. Standard graphics include your logo and a universal symbol. An integrated carry-handle makes the unit it easy to move, while the A-frame style allows for stable displaying and convenient storage. The Komacel Wet Floor Sign is weather-resistant meaning it can be used in harsh outdoor environments like those around the pool or spa, while the attractive design allows the unit to fit in within your beautiful lobby or highly visible walkways.

Prices begin at:

    • 2 for $500
    • 5 for $1,150
    • 10 for $2,000
    • 25 for $4,500

Plus shipping, minimum 2 per order.

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