Slippery When Wet

Avoid Dangerous Falls, Avoid Lawsuits, Protect Employees and Guests
Cadwell offers the best custom branded and premium Slippery When Wet signs in New England. We have manufactured the top selling signs in New England for more than 40 years. If you need impressive and high-quality signs, eMail Cadwell today for pricing and fast shipping.

It is possible that a cheap, yellow “Slippery When Wet” sign in your lobby could damage the brand of your luxury property. A sign that looks cheap or out of place can detract from the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of a luxury property and create an impression of poor quality or lack of attention to detail. This can harm the brand image and reduce the perceived value of the property in the eyes of potential customers or guests.

In a luxury property, it is important to maintain a high level of quality and attention to detail in every aspect of the guest experience, including safety signage. Investing in a custom branded sign that matches the style and aesthetic of your property can help to maintain consistency and elevate the overall guest experience.

Slippery when wet signs are vital because they warn people of potential hazards and help prevent accidents. These signs are typically used in areas with a risk of slipping, such as recently cleaned floors or areas where water or other liquids have been spilled. Using slippery when wet signs can also help to protect against liability claims. By posting signs, property owners can demonstrate that they took reasonable precautions to warn people of potential hazards and may be able to avoid or reduce liability.

Our custom branded signs are available for your property in the following quantities:

2 for $285/EA = $570 + shipping

Ask us about volume discounts available on large quantity orders!

Top 10 reasons to update your signs

  • Prevent accidents: Slippery when wet signs help prevent accidents by alerting people to the potential hazard of slippery surfaces.

  • Reduce liability: By posting slippery when wet signs, property owners can demonstrate that they took reasonable precautions to warn people of potential hazards, which can help reduce liability in case of accidents.

  • Improve safety: Using slippery when wet signs can help improve safety in public areas, workplaces, and other environments where people walk or work.

  • Comply with regulations: In some jurisdictions, regulations require using slippery when wet signs in certain situations, such as in food preparation areas or around swimming pools.

  • Increase awareness: Using slippery when wet signs can increase awareness of the potential hazard of slippery surfaces and encourage people to be more cautious.

  • Protect employees: Slippery surfaces can pose a danger to employees, and the use of slippery when wet signs can help protect them from slip and fall injuries.

  • Protect customers: Slippery surfaces can also pose a danger to customers or visitors, and using slippery when wet signs can help protect them from accidents.

  • Maintain cleanliness: In some situations, slippery when wet signs may indicate that an area has been recently cleaned and is still wet or slippery.

  • Prevent equipment damage: Slippery surfaces can also cause damage to equipment, and the use of slippery when wet signs can help prevent this.

  • Ensure compliance with best practices: Slippery when wet signs are often considered a best practice for safety and risk management in many industries and environments. Their use can help ensure compliance with these practices.

Custom office and building signage packages

We are a full-service, custom build, design, and fabrication signage company, but in many cases our basic sign packages or standard products will handle the job. If you want to move fast and need help with a basic building sign program, we can help you make sure you are ADA compliant, ready for move-in or just improving your interior wayfinding and office directories.

See our basic packages for: COVID and DELTA messaging sign package, SAFETY sign package, WELLNESS sign package, RENOVATIONS sign package, RESTROOM sign package, WELCOME / LOBBY sign package or the CAUTIONARY sign package. Contact us for pricing and delivery times and a free estimate based on quantities.


Simple and necessary signs and in most cases required by law. Marks location for fire extinguisher, exit route and AED (emergency defibrillator).


Keep your tenants, employees, and visitors safe and informed as you take on renovations or repair work.

Renovations Package


Encourage employees to help save our planet and align with new FITWEL standards and at the same time encourage healthy behavior. Simple messages like “take the stairs, save electricity and burn calories”, please recycle, and no smoking/no vaping to show employees you care about them and the environment.


Upgrade the basic signs, make them look classy and with your logo. Every large lobby needs a few cautionary A-frame signs for any situation that may arise; Slippery When Wet (for Winter snow or Summer rain), Falling Ice & Snow to ensure your customers safety while on your premises.  Make sure to have these signs and avoid paying a fine.


This will become a law. Get a step ahead and show you are progressive with gender neutral wall or flag signs, both gender signs, wash hands 20 seconds, and flush toilet paper only.


Perfect for the lobby front desk or on every floor. Small desktop signs stating Welcome to XYZ Company with a logo and tagline, please sign-in and the WIFI password.