Lobby Branding in a Box

In addition to our highly custom lobby design and build projects, we now offer an economy line of lobby branding products. Our Lobby Branding in a Box offering includes 3 basic elements starting at $499: Three-dimensional letter set for the lobby, a glass door lobby vinyl logo and desktop plaque with your logo and your core values, mission statement or wifi password. This is an inexpensive core product designed for a small budget and basic lobby branding. We pack and ship to your office and you complete the easy installation.

Here is what you get with the Lobby Branding in a Box product from Cadwell (just $499 for a limited time only):

Approximately 40” (up to 15 characters) three – dimensional letter set (white or black ¼” P95 acrylic) for your company name (pick one of 6 fonts) and slogan printed below your company name in vinyl letters.

Approximately 27” company name in vinyl letters for glass door, or lobby door.

Approximately 8 x 10” desktop logo for lobby desk with core values, mission statement or wifi password.

This is an inexpensive lobby branding package designed for a small budget and basic office branding. Easy shipping and installation. The brand in a box package is lightweight and compact making it easy to ship to your company’s doorstep. We provide easy installation instructions (complete with level, measuring tape and a wall pattern), and you can have your new lobby branding up and running in no time.

Special 50% off Lobby Branding Package, Just $499 for 3 elementsThe first 10 customers for this new Do It Yourself, economy version earn a 50% discount and the regular price of $999 is reduced to just $499 (shipping included). For pricing details and to place your order please fill out the form to the right and send us your contact information. Here is what you get for just $499:  A 3-D letter set for the lobby wall (see Cadwell example below), a lobby wall/door vinyl logo (see Amazon example below) and desktop plaque (see Amazon example below) with your logo or message. See images below for the 3 items included in this package.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Brand in a Box package delivers great value, looks amazing and was easy to install. I did use the premium version and added 4-color printing for EmpireEmco logo and we are thrilled with the upgrade to our lobby. Thanks Cadwell for the “Brand in a Box package” and new lobby branding” –

— Gary Burns, Pres and CEO Empire Emco, Buffalo, NY