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Cadwell Case Studies

We produce amazing results for some of the largest and most successful brands in the world. We are experts at creating an entire design and sign system for many of the leading colleges, universities, hospitals, financial institutions, property managers and technology companies in the US. Learn about what’s new at Cadwell Design + Sign.

New Office & Lobby EGD Masterpiece Third Rock Ventures

New Office & Lobby EGD Masterpiece Third Rock Ventures Elkus Manfredi Architects designed world-class office space with integrated exhibits and wayfinding for leading healthcare venture capital firm, Third Rock Ventures (TRV). The result? A stunning example of innovative Environmental Graphic Design (EGD). The design was led by Beth

Updating Signage System Case Study for Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School is constantly replacing, updating, and re-creating its signage system. The teaching environment and classroom locations are in a constant state of motion and must adapt to a steady stream of new professors, new students, and departmental changes. Here is feedback from Lisa Wills, campus planner at

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