As a leader in the industry and a key customer to Cadwell, we will offer “new city locations” the Plus+ Program as incentive to help you with your new sign programs in other cities. You will receive the same great design, manufacturing, and installation services we typically offer, plus + these added benefits on a new city expansion if the project is $2,000 in value or more!

New City Sign Package and the PLUS+ benefits below:

  • Free shipping on the first new sign package (standard UPS box size) shipped to your new city location!

  • The first new sign package receives a 10% discount on the sign portion of the pricing (no discount on installation)

  • Your choice of: one hour of design work at no cost, one free slippery when wet sign, or one free 25” wide vinyl logo decal.

  • Lifetime guarantee on all interior signs that we manufacture and install in the new city.

    If the sign degrades or fails or falls off the wall (from natural circumstances) we will replace 100% for free.

    This covers a “sign failure” and not for a new change in color or new brand update.

  • Referral bonus fee of $100 via Amazon gift card for the employee who helps us with an introduction to a new contact in a different location. All we need is an intro and their contact information!

Other benefits to working with Cadwell in Boston and other cities.

  • We maintain perfect records of all past design work and artwork for your firm and we have the sizes, styles, dimensions of all your current sign work.

  • We can use the current designs as the base for the next design in the new city.

  • We can make sure new offices in new cities follow your corporate design guidelines for consistent branding look and feel.

  • We provide volume based pricing.

    As a made in America company we can make sure you eliminate supply chain shortages and get you the sign products fast and efficiently.

Qualification: This program is exclusive to large property managers in New England. To qualify for the program, you must manage large office projects across your firm, do business in at least 3 properties and be a regular customer with Cadwell Design + Sign.