Harvard Medical School is constantly replacing, updating, and re-creating its signage system. The teaching environment and classroom locations are in a constant state of motion and must adapt to a steady stream of new professors, new students, and departmental changes. Here is feedback from Lisa Wills, campus planner at Harvard Medical School.

Harvard Medical Reception Sign

The Challenge

“A lot of design and development can go into very small signage projects,” said Lisa Wills of Harvard Medical School. “When replacing older or speciality sign types, it can be a tedious process tracking down the original specs and recreating a style or replacing a component.” Especially for non-standard projects that require matching an existing color, material, or style, Wills says.

The Process

As campus planner for the esteemed medical school, Wills worked closely with Cadwell to determine the best solution for the desired results on numerous projects. “This allowed me to establish the proper signage specs and add it to our campus standards library for future use,” Wills says, making future projects run more smoothly.

harvard Reception Door
Laboratory Sign

The Outcome

A big organization like Harvard Medical School has many moving parts and needs efficient coordination to produce a good outcome. Lisa Wills said it best: “We strive for new signage to coordinate with existing signage and provide a cohesive and consistent style across campus.”

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