LED Signs

Silver Benz

We are doing some eye-catching work with LED signs like the ValoHealth lobby. We can give you some free design ideas (and pricing) to help brighten-up the office as employees return for the new year. Or a snappy backlit logo like “Silver Benz”. Note, new design trend is lot’s of silver, aluminum and black in 2022. Moreover, Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) and LED signs and logos on a lobby desk or reception desk are an easy design idea to make the lobby stand-out and your brand stand-out. Even with a small budget for a new LED sign we can make your lobby look modern and inviting creating a memorable experience when people enter the lobby. Back-lit and edge-lit illuminated signs and logos are the hottest trend for impressive architectural signs and an easy way to enhance the reception signage. Contact Us or call today for ideas and pricing.

Valo Reception Sign with LED

FITWELL messages

Get healthy in 2022 – show you are progressive with a “stay healthy” message this year. Click Here for gallery.

Inclusive Bathroom

Updated restroom signs for 2022

Start the new year with updated gender neutral wall or flag signs or a new blade sign. A few new signs send a clear message of inclusion for all.  Click Here for gallery.