It was our pleasure working with Travelers Insurance and Valley Communications Systems Inc. on this “Hero Wall” as this interactive wall graphic will now recognize employees who serve their nation and are everyday heroes in our community. This is a powerful and inspiring example of EGD (Environmental Graphic Design) working to educate and recognize employees as servant leaders who do the best, they can to help others. Working on the design, build and installation of this remarkable project was a privilege. Special thanks top Mary Fairman at Travelers for her leadership and inspiration.

EDG Wall Graphic

Wall Graphics Add Cool Vibe

Our recent project at Validity help change the mood of a common area and add cool vibe. An easy and inexpensive way to change the entire look and feel of a common area in the office.

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10 Mega Construction Projects to add 4 Million Sq. Ft. to Boston

Boston continues to grow as new construction will add 4.4 million feet of new office space. Google and Facebook keep adding and biotech is growing in the region. The Beat is adding 700,000 feet at the old Boston Globe and a huge transportation project at South Station will add office and retail space. Read more from The Architect’s Newspaper Here.