In preparation for the technology company launching with a new name and brand in August 2020, Valo needed to update signage across five very different office/lab locations (two in Massachusetts, one each in New Jersey, Connecticut, and California). Here is feedback from Jamie Rhodes, senior associate, employee experience & facilities at Valo.

Jamie Rhodes
Reception area through glass entrance

The Challenge

Designing five drastically different locations, while adhering to strict brand guidelines… that was the mission for Jamie Rhodes of Valo. “I’m a very creative person and would have loved to play around with the logo and design elements more, but I had to stay within brand guidelines while finding a way to put my creative touch on the overall signage package,” she said. “Most of my focus was on being super thoughtful about the overall design and not overbranding the space.”

The Process

With such a clean and simple logo, “it was about making bold choices and finding a way to make it pop,” said Rhodes. Cadwell suggested an edge-lit treatment for the logo on the entrance desk, which resulted in a “sleek and professional wow factor when you enter any of our Valo spaces.”

Valo Health Reception Area
Valo Health Lobby Entrance

The Outcome

Rhodes is excited to show off the outcome to returning and new employees alike. “A well-thought-out signage package can highlight/enhance a beautiful office space, not distract from it,” said Jamie. “Whether it’s our Boston office, our Lexington state-of-the-art lab, or our small Princeton office, there’s no mistaking who’s space you’re in. It was great working with Cadwell on the drawings, specs, and design.”

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