As a leading designer, builder or property manager in New England, here are the key trends for this year:

Wellness focus, turnkey labs and vacant office retrofits are the big office trends for this year. Make sure employees have a place to relax and destress at work. See top 5 trends below:

2024 Commercial Real Estate Trends

Top 10 Architect Trends for 2024

Sustainable architecture, Biophilic design, and #3 Multifunction spaces top the list of top trend in ’24. Follow link above for the complete story. See how multifunctional space is the hot trend this year.

New MIT Student Center – Hospital, College and Nursing Projects Add Building Growth in Mass – Cadwell Completes MIT Student Center

Colleges like MIT continue to grow and add building space like the new Student Center on the Cambridge, MA campus. Cadwell continues to lead the region as the college and university sign experts. See our latest work at MIT below and the related story on the new MIT Student Center.