New Office & Lobby EGD Masterpiece Third Rock Ventures

Elkus Manfredi Architects designed world-class office space with integrated exhibits and wayfinding for leading healthcare venture capital firm, Third Rock Ventures (TRV). The result? A stunning example of innovative Environmental Graphic Design (EGD). The design was led by Beth Stevens, Director of Graphic Design, and Drea Plummer, lead designer, of Elkus Manfredi.


“TRV leadership was focused on carrying the inspiring culture they had built at their previous Back Bay townhouse office to the new workplace,” said Stevens, which the interior design team accomplished by blending traditional Back Bay details with the modern industrial character of the new building through layered design. Elkus Manfredi worked with the TRV team to develop several exhibits highlighting company values, showcasing the innovative impact of their work in healthcare, and celebrating more than 60 partner-company launches.


The overall aesthetic had to feel like a traditional Back Bay home. The artwork utilizes an eclectic mix of frames, shelves, and collected art, crafted with meticulous detail. The most ambitious piece was the brick wall featuring logos of the companies TRV helped launch. “The wall is a representation of both history and future, documenting TRV’s growth over time,” said Plummer. Cadwell was instrumental in helping develop fabrication details that were both beautiful and functional.


“The completed design tells TRV’s story in a way that is not only seamlessly harmonious with the interior space, but also allows flexibility for the story to evolve as the company grows,” said Stevens. Utilizing materials and finishes from the space and building flexibility into the design ensures a timeless installation that will last for many years to come.

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